Rachel Simone Weil

JUEGOS RANCHEROS is pleased to announce that local indie developers Audrey Moon and Jocelyn Reyes have been selected to participate in our very first arcade of anything artist residency.

Morning Coffee

Moon, a UI designer and artist, and Reyes, a sound designer, are frequent collaborators. The pair have worked together on experimental, shortform games like Fantastic Arcade 2014 selection Lost in the Woods, Morning Coffee (pictured above), and the recently-released autobiographical work Into.

However, their creative production extends outside of their collaborative work as well, from Moon’s graphic design practice to Reyes’s sound work with Austin game studios Finji and Taco Illuminati.


The month-long arcade of anything artist residency, created in partnership with the Museum of Human Achievement, encourages participants to push into experimental and unexplored territory within digital arts.

The residency will conclude with a public exhibition of the work undertaken at JUEGOS RANCHEROS’s indie arcade space, the Museum of Human Amusement. You can read more about the newly-announced residency program here.

Please join us in congratulating Audrey Moon and Jocelyn Reyes, and stay tuned for details on their exhibition event in the second half of May 2016.

Audrey Moon is an interactive artist and UI designer in Austin, TX, who has done client design work with Frog and Razorfish, co-founded an independent videogame studio with a group of online collaborators making multiplayer games, and now releases interactives & other game-likes as Animal Phase. A cusp millennial born in 1986 making art to help you feel weird. Likely in or around a wifi hotspot near you. You can find out more about them at their personal site,

Jocelyn Reyes is a sound designer based in Austin, TX. Most of her work can be seen in certain video games around town. These days, she mostly spends her time making a racket and putting into video games in the aforementioned town. Probably her most well known work is working with local game studios, Finji and Taco Illuminati. She hopes to one day go to space.