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Rachel Simone Weil

Want to peek through picoscopes at tiny artifacts of our daily detritus? Then join us this Friday, May 20 at 7:00 PM at the Museum of Human Achievement for The Association of Electron Dreamers, the first exhibition of JUEGOS RANCHEROS’s arcade of anything artist residency program.

Created by Audrey Moon and Jocelyn Reyes, the exhibition is a dreamy, interactive experience is delivered under the auspices of a public scientific endeavor by the Association of Electron Dreamers.

Moon and Reyes have previously collaborated on experimental, shortform games like Fantastic Arcade 2014 selection Lost in the Woods, Morning Coffee and Into. Apart, Moon is a practicing graphic designer, while Reyes is a sound designer for local Austin game studios including Finji and Taco Illuminati.

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Say the artists:

The Association of Electron Dreamers is hosting its first public viewing of specimens. Observe preliminary findings of their research using the electronographic picoscope. View into tiny artifacts of our daily detritus.

Moon and Reyes’s work will be accompanied by projection art and music including Songs for Errant Micro Organisms #1 by Montreal’s mrghosty, as well as refreshments and the companionship of your fellow dreamer.

The exhibition will be held this Friday, May 20 at 7:00 PM, at Museum of Human Achievement, Austin, TX. The event is free but donations are warmly accepted.

[Created in partnership with the Museum of Human Achievement, the arcade of anything artist residency encourages its participants to push into experimental and unexplored territory within digital arts. More information on our residency program can be found here.]