We survived another Fantastic Arcade! And after a long weekend recovering, we’re here with more archived video of nearly all the talks, tournaments, and other presentations given throughout the week of our seventh-annual festival.

All week long we’ll be presenting a day-by-day breakdown of all of the videos (find day one here), today with last Tuesday’s talks. Below the fold you’ll find full video covering YANKAI’S TRIANGLE, DAILY MOTIONS, INTO, THOTH, TUMBLESEED & LOOT RASCALS.

You’ll also meet Austin’s own Owlchemy Labs, creators of slapstick VR hit JOB SIMULATOR & the upcoming RICK & MORTY SIMULATOR!

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Join CIRCA INFINITY creator Kenny Sun as he shows off his new action puzzle game YANKAI’S TRIANGLE, as well as his teen-years prototypes and a super sneak peek at his brand new games, as well as BEGLITCHED co-creator Jenny Jiao Hsia, giving us a deep look into her prototype process for her minigame compilation DAILY MOTIONS.

Join Animal Phase’s Audrey Moon as they guide us into the world of INTO, subtitled ‘I Turned My Autobiography Into a Fictional Second-Person Surreal Coming-Out-Of-Age Dramedy and Now My Life Is Happier.’

Join Owlchemy Labs, creators of Job Simulator and the upcoming VR title Rick and Morty Simulator, as they show off their work and take a moment to judge your bad VR game pitch ideas.

Join former LIMBO & INSIDE designer Jeppe Carlsen as he shows us THOTH, a challenging twin-stick shooter with minimalistic, colorful graphics combined with intense paranoia inducing audio that makes for an exciting mix of art and arcade.

Join David Laskey, Greg Wohlwend & Benedict Fritz as they show us TUMBLESEED, their dual-stick “rolly rogue-like” debut.

Join producer Pat Ashe as he introduces us to LOOT RASCALS, the debut card-swap rogue-like from upstart studio Hollow Ponds — the team behind Sony’s innovative exploration game HOHOKUM — with art by local favorite animator David ‘Swatpaz’ Ferguson.