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Hey all, some short-notice awesome news: this Saturday, June 16th, from 8pm-9pm, JUEGOS RANCHEROS and Church of the Friendly Ghost are teaming up for a game night featuring everyone’s favorite baroque slow-motion dueling game: JOHANN SEBASTIAN JOUST! Best of all: the event is free!

The hour-long JOUST-a-thon will take place at the Beauty Ballroom from 8-9pm, as part of the Dance Party portion of Friendly Ghost’s 2012 New Media Art and Sound Summit, which will also feature music by Flying Turns, Hieroglyphic Being and Woolfy, performance art by Quick Draw Photobooth, and visuals by Stephen Hal Fishman and JUEGOS’s own Party Time! Hexcellent!

Following JOUST, from 9-10pm, JUEGOS will also be showing HEXAGON, the brilliant “27th century space-disco teen-laser-punk arcade hit” (that’s how I describe it, anyway) by Terry Cavanagh, creator of indie favorite VVVVVV. HEXAGON’s easily one of the most instantly addictive and infinitely replayable games I’ve put my hands on this year — get warmed up and ready to show us your skills on Saturday by playing it online here! There’s even a chance we’ll be bringing along a version no one’s played before…

Looking forward to seeing you Saturday, June 16th, from 8-10pm at the Beauty Ballroom, located at 2015 E. Riverside Dr! Remember: while the Dance Party itself is normally $10 at the door, if you come for JOUST & HEXAGON at 8pm, you can stay all night for free!