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Hello everyone! With the closing of the Highball until sometime in 2013, we’ll have some big changes coming over the next couple months, so here’s the full run down of what’ll be happening through December and into the new year!

First & foremost, as you might have seen at our last meetup, even though the Highball will temporarily be gone, that doesn’t mean our meetings will end! Instead, we’ll be moving to a new day, and a new venue: specifically, starting on January 3rd, we’ll be relocating to the amazing ND Austin, located at E 5th & Brushy, for regular meetups on the first Thursday of every month.

This means that no longer will you have to drag your tired bones out of bed on the middle of a Sunday afternoon: these will be night-time meetups starting around 7:30PM and running for as long as you’re happy to stay there! If you haven’t already visited ND for a Nerd Nite / Dorkbot meetup or a show, you’re in for a treat: the space not only has a stage, but a massive two-story screen that will be fantastic for projecting games. They also have good drinks, and (speaking from experience!) great tamales and queso at their bar around back. We’re super grateful for the ND for taking us in!

What this also means is that our originally scheduled December 5th meetup will be delayed to January 3rd, BUT! We’ll still be getting together this month as a part of Make Watch Love Austin, an all-night expo and preview of the new space that’s being opened by our friends at the Austin Film Society. The event will be taking place Saturday, December 8th, from 5-9PM, and, as JUEGOS, we’ll be bringing back local-favorite JOHANN SEBASTIAN JOUST to spread the love to Austin’s wider creative community.

Tickets and more information are available from the Austin Film Society event page!

Finally, if you’d like a more direct way to stay on top of what’s happening with JUEGOS than our Twitter / Facebook page / this here site, we’re setting up a new email distribution list with Google Groups. For now, it’ll be ‘announcement-only’ so we can directly contact you about upcoming events, but we’re looking into eventually expanding the list to help solidify and grow Austin’s community of videogame creators and lovers.

If you’d like to join the group, just visit this Google Groups page and click the ‘Join group’ button!

We’ll have even more exciting JUEGOS announcements as we roll into the new year, so stay tuned for those, and looking forward to seeing you all at one of our events soon!