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For a name that I did not at all intend to actually catch on, it seems it’s not only just here to stay, but winning Major Awards: our own Austin Chronicle has just given JUEGOS RANCHEROS its prestigious & highly coveted ‘Best Video-Game Collective Name’ award in its annual Best of Austin issue!

Says the Chronicle:

Oh yeah, the group itself is pretty cool, too. Founded by the poster boys of the local indie gaming scene, Brandon Boyer, Adam Saltsman, and Wiley Wiggins, the group has monthly open meetings at the HighBall bringing game developers from Austin and elsewhere around the globe to share their visions and expertise. Don’t expect a tech-laden wonkfest though; Juegos welcomes and accommodates anyone and everyone who wants to see (and often play) the cutting edge of interactive arts. The schmoozing is top-notch, but, more importantly, the gabbing and flesh-pressing is getting results such as the under-construction Texatron indie video-gaming cabinet. Expect that chunk of solid awesome to be staring back at Austin very soon.

You’ve got until Thursday to get the issue itself, if you’d like to clip the article (page 46) & send it to your mom to have her hang it from the fridge. Thanks to the Chronicle for putting us in such amazing company!

JUEGOS RANCHEROS will be returning to the Highball after a post-Fantastic-Arcade hiatus Sunday, November 6th at 4:30pm. Mark your calendars now!