Brandon Boyer

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Did you visit us in Marfa & want to learn more, or are you curious what’s up with JUEGOS RANCHEROS at the Marfa Film Festival? It’s currently day two of the four-day pop-up Space Cowboy Arcade, and the reception so far has been great!


Chosen from the nearly 60 submissions we received after the two-week Space Cowboy Game Jam — all of which are free for everyone to download and play at the jam website — visitors to the Arcade are able to explore and play through a rotating selection of games (including those seen above).


Our hope was that we could provide a down-tempo quasi-chill-out-space for festival attendees to experience games that reflected the same lonesome, existential romance of the surrounding desert, and we wanted to give a quick thanks to Marfa Film Festival organizers for bringing us into the fold alongside a fantastic lineup of features & shorts.

We’ll have more images from the Arcade in the coming weeks, but thanks as well for now to everyone who’s stopped by, and — of course — to all the devs that participated in the jam (and to the amazing Irene Koh for her poster image at top!) and gave us something incredible to show!