We survived another Fantastic Arcade! And after a long weekend recovering, we’re here with archived video of nearly all the talks, tournaments, and other presentations given throughout the week of our seventh-annual festival.

All week long we’ll be presenting a day-by-day breakdown of all of the videos, starting today with last Monday’s talks. Below the fold you’ll find full video covering HIDDEN FOLKS, Dutch indie collective Sokpop, BURRITO GALAXY 65 and WEST OF LOATHING.

You’ll also find our preliminary tournament of MULTIBOWL, the rapid-fire head-to-head trip back through arcade and console history!

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Join Adriaan de Jongh as he shows us HIDDEN FOLKS, a game like Where’s Waldo?, but black and white and interactive: find little people in tiny landscapes, lifting doors, pressing buttons, and shaking trees.

Join Tijmen Tio and Tom van den Boogaart (creator of BERNBAND) — two of the members of Dutch game collective Sokpop — as they introduce our Fantastic Arcade original LASSOS, as well as secret look at a variety of their still unreleased games!

Join creators SwackSoft softWorks workShop as they show us their easy-going first-person explorer filled with delicious *swack*, BURRITO GALAXY 65.

Join co-creator Zack Johnson as he shows us WEST OF LOATHING, the single player slapstick adventure RPG set in the Wild West, a sequel to the classic net hit Kingdom of Loathing.

Our preliminary tournament of MULTIBOWL, by Alec Thomson and Bennett Foddy: a new experimental digital blender that takes hundreds games both classic and obscure and weaves them into a collage of timed two player challenges, in Starcade style!