We survived another Fantastic Arcade! And after a long weekend recovering, we’re here with archived video of nearly all the talks, tournaments, and other presentations given throughout the week of our seventh-annual festival.

All week long we’ll be presenting a day-by-day breakdown of all of the videos (find day one here and day two here), today with last Wednesday’s talks. Below the fold you’ll find full video covering the creation of games on “weird hardware”, an amazing exhibition of the “haunted” Nintendo Entertainment System, and sci-fi drone sim DUSKERS.

You’ll also see Nathalie Lawhead create an entire new game — live! — and go in-depth with DOWNWELL creator Moppin, before the world’s first (?) head-to-head DOWNWELL tournament, capped off with our second-annual ARENA GODS tournament!

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DIY tinkerers Mickey Delp and Alan Watts let us peek into their laboratories and explain this year’s mad arcade creations, plus Randy Smith, who has created the custom adventure game KNIGHT BRITE for Mickey’s new hardware, while it’s still being created.

Andy “Batsly Adams” Reitano — creator of last year’s audience choice award winning SUPER RUSSIAN ROULETTE — returns with the massively-glitchable NESpectre he created with Zachary “Zachstronaut” Johnson.

Join Tim Keenan as he presents his sci-fi drone sim DUSKERS, where you pilot your bots into derelict spaceships to find the means to survive and piece together how the universe became a giant graveyard.

Join Nathalie Lawhead — creator of our Fantastic Arcade original F2OGGY and the IGF-winning TETRAGEDDON GAMES — as she live-codes a brand new game based off audience suggestions, right before our eyes!

Join guest developer Ojiro “Moppin” Fumoto to learn about the creation of his debut game DOWNWELL, as well as his Fantastic Arcade original game NIUM, co-created with artist Nemk.

Join us for the world’s first head-to-head tournament of Moppin’s debut game DOWNWELL. Which of our contenders will better venture down a well in search of untold treasures with only their Gunboots to protect them?

Join us for Fantastic Arcade’s second-annual tournament of ARENA GODS: SuperType’s spectacle combat game of breakneck action, fleeting chance, and brutal consequence.