We survived another Fantastic Arcade! And after a long weekend recovering, we’re here with archived video of nearly all the talks, tournaments, and other presentations given throughout the week of our seventh-annual festival.

All week long we’ll be presenting a day-by-day breakdown of all of the videos (find day one here, day two here, and day three here), today with last Thursday’s talks. Below the fold you’ll find full video covering DIARIES OF A SPACEPORT JANITOR, THE NORWOOD SUITE, and LITTLE BUG.

You’ll also find the creators of PROTEUS showing off their new games: THE FOREST OF SLEEP, and an absolutely unmissable presentation of OIK OS BOOK I, destined to go down in legend as one of the top Fantastic Arcade talks.

You’ll also find a brief history of FMV games, culminating in the creation of a brand new FMV game filmed right here at Fantastic Fest! And finally, our head-to-head MULTIBOWL championship showdown & our post-Arcade awards ceremony!

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Join Sagan Yee (Toronto’s Hand Eye Society) and Peter Kuplowsky (Fantastic Fest) on an outrageous adventure through the short-lived, scan line-ridden era of Full Motion Video games and “interactive cinema”!

We’ve resurrected several movie/game chimeras created at the height of Hollywood’s FMV hubris for this historical presentation (featuring several big stars in unfortunate roles), as well as spliced together our own grotesque experiment set on the grounds of Fantastic Fest itself.

Experience a collective playthrough of FANTASTIC FEST: THE GAME on the big screen, the way it was meant to be seen!

Join a triple-header cast as James Shasha presents their trash-picking anti-adventure DIARIES OF A SPACEPORT JANITOR, Greg Heffernan presents his surreal, curious adventure game THE NORWOOD SUITE, and Buddy System’s atmospheric platformer LITTLE BUG.

David Kanaga and Ed Key, creators of PROTEUS return to Fantastic Arcade with separate projects. First, Key will offer a sneak peek at his hotly anticipated project, the beautiful Slavic storybook generator FOREST OF SLEEP.

Following that, Kanaga will show off one of the most fevered and unusual games in a long line of unconventional Fantastic Arcade games — OIK OS BOOK I, a game he describes as a “Dog Opera”.

And finally, our post-show MULTIBOWL final showdown and awards ceremony: see our MULTIBOWL champ crowned and our best-of-Arcade winners receive their awards!