Adam Saltsman

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The TEXATRON Initiative is making good progress.  TEX-001 is still in James’ kitchen, as previously pictured, but some awesome new volunteers have stepped in to help keep things moving forward.  First, Leah Smith from the Texas Film Commision has bravely volunteered to take over the organization of the project.  Second, Joshua Fields from the Alamo Drafthouse is lending us his expertise in figuring out what to do next and how to do it.  Between the two of them, we have a task list and set of measurements for the cabinet, and are nearly ready to gut it and rebuild it from the glorious ground up!

HOWEVER… we’ve reached a crossroads.  Bob Sabiston of Flat Black Films donated an awesome 21″ CRT monitor that is perfect for an arcade cabinet… but it’s really ideal for a dark location, where we can show off that glow.  The current plan for TEX-001 is to install it at the radical Domy Books, which is much more of a daylight place.  Which means that TEX-001 would really benefit from having a larger LCD monitor, and we can save that luminous CRT for TEX-002 and beyond.

So, we come to you with a plea… with a vision quest.  Do you or anyone you know have a 24″ (or even better, 27″!) LCD computer monitor that they would be willing to donate to the TEXATRON Initiative?

As always, let us know by contacting as at texatron@gmail.com! Thank you!